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I've been thinking about what kind of event to run here in [community profile] symbrock  during March, and have decided that we're going to do a remix challenge. That is, we shall create Symbrock fanworks that are fusions/crossovers/inspired by the tropes of a well known genre.
But then I couldn't pick a genre. I do love fannish reworkings of romcoms and fairy tales, but there's so much more -- Harlequins? Detective novels? Musicals?

I mean, can't you just see Murder On the Orient Express subverted by head-chomping aliens? Or Harlequins, oh god, Harlequins! Can you imagine Eddie as a war bride for the conquering Klyntar prince Venom?

A Saxon maiden, bound to a Viking warrior...
The conquering Danes have taken everything from Elswyth - even her mother. So, despite the uneasy truce between their people, she knows where her loyalties lie. Until she meets towering Rolfe, leader of the opposing forces. Her mind knows this muscled Viking is her enemy. So why is her traitorous body so tempted by his suggestion that she become his wife?
It almost writes itself, am I right?

Anyway, I was torn, so maybe you should pick. Time for a poll!

Poll #21417 Which genre shall we Symbrock in March?
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 10

Which genre?

View Answers

0 (0.0%)

Fairy Tales
6 (60.0%)

Harlequins (Mills&Boon)
1 (10.0%)

1 (10.0%)

0 (0.0%)

What the hell, all of the above!
2 (20.0%)

Something else I shall suggest in comments
0 (0.0%)

Tell me what you think we should remix, and I shall dutifully put together a set of links to summaries of works in that genre as inspiration.
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In the rules for the fest, I said that people taking part had to wait 2 weeks before crossposting their works anywhere else. I'm not sure why I made it two weeks. I'm thinking that one week is enough.

So, if you took part in Venomtime's Day, you are now free to post your work anywhere else you like. 

Be free, my pretties!!!! :)

I also want to say to those viewing the fest -- thank you for all your comments and kudos. It's made the fest a lot of fun. If you haven't yet checked it out, please do, and leave a comment or kudos if you're that way inclined.
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Hi all,

Sorry for the late notice on this, as I didn't think to make a post here before now. There's a [community profile] space_swap  exchange that's relevant to our Venom interests, and it's closing for sign-ups in 8 hours.

Venom is one of the fandoms you can offer or request, for fanfiction, fan art, fan vids, and podfics.

However, there's currently a problem with not enough character tags available in the Venom fandom to enable sign-up -- I've pinged the mod and it should be resolved soon. So if you want to sign up with Venom as one of your fandoms, you should be able to. I'll edit this post once it's resolved.

ETA: The way around this is to offer "Any" if you choose to offer Venom fandom. What that actually means is "any of the approved tags" and the only approved tag in Venom is Symbrock, so you're all good. :)
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I have posted short reviews of all the Venomtime's Day fanworks over on my journal:

They are all awesome!!!
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The gifts are  now open, and you can find them here:

Great work, everyone. We may be small but we are feisty. I'm impressed with the range we've managed, as there's not only several stories, but art, a vid, and a playlist. 


Where to start?? What a great dilemma to have!

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I'll be opening up the Venomtime's Day gifts in about two hours. If you didn't make the deadline but have a little something you want to share, now is the time to post it.

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Hi everyone,

It's time to get your gifts submitted for Venomtime's Day. The deadline to submit a fest entry is midnight 13 February GMT.

You can find the AO3 collection here, and the inspirational prompt post here, and the rules are here.

I'm starting to get excited! :)
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If you'd like to celebrate Symbrock on Valentine's Day, the deadline to submit a fest entry is midnight 13 February GMT.
Any kind of fanwork is welcome (fic, meta, playlist, art, vids, rec set, etc), as long as it focuses on Venom and/or Eddie from the movie or comics.
You can find the AO3 collection here, and the inspirational prompt post here, and the rules are here.
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The rest of the movie!Eddie icons I promised ages ago! <3

sad eddie mask copy confused eddie

Link to 18 icons at my journal

Dig in!
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Hi everyone,

This is the promised prompt post for our Venomtime's Day fest.

You can find the fest's rules here, and the AO3 collection here. The deadline to submit a fest entry is midnight 13 February GMT.

While there's no official sign-up for this fest (just post to the collection when you're ready), if you're like me, sometimes it's useful to have some prompts for inspiration. This is the place to post prompts for the fest.

The rules

You can post two kinds of prompts here:
  • A link that goes to a letter on your own journal/tumblr or whatever, which explains something you want in a bit of detail. This could be particularly useful for things like a songvid, where you might have a favourite song that you would like vidded to the Venom movie and/or the comics and you want to explain why. Another example might be if you are looking for a collaborator for a project for Valentine's Day -- say you are looking for a fic of the right length to podfic. The point of the letter is that it gives you a bit of room to explain what you're looking for and why, and gives you the option of screening comments if you're looking for a secret collaborator for your project and that kind of thing. 
  • A short prompt here in the comments on this entry with one request in it. This is for if you have a particular craving for a story, piece of art, themed rec list, meta topic, etc, and you can easily get it down in a single comment.

You can leave up to three prompts or one link to a letter before posting anything to the fest collection. To be able to post further prompts, you need to post at least one gift to the collection -- that gift doesn't need to fill a prompt or letter on this post. Once you've posted a gift, you can post up to three more prompts. I doubt anyone would want to post more than one letter, but you can once you submit a gift to the collection if you really want to.

You can post prompts or letter any time from now until 13 February.

The focus should be on Eddie Brock, Venom, and any combination of Eddie and Venom, but it's also okay to ask for them in combination with other characters from the comics or movie.

For each prompt, post a new comment in a new thread (that is, not as a response to any other comment). Give a summary of the prompt in the header so it's easy to find, and the details in the comment itself. 
Here's the format to use for prompts:
Prompt # - Character or Relationship, Type of Fanwork, Requested Rating
For example:

Subject line: Prompt 3 - Eddie & Venom, Art, SFW
Body of comment: I really, really want Eddie & Venom on a spaceship! Pretty please with tentacles on top!
Here's the header format to use for a letter link:

Letter - Character or Relationship, Type of Fanwork, Requested Rating

For example:

Subject line: Letter - Trans Eddie, Podficcer looking for writer by 7 Feb, VNSFW
Body of comment: the link to your letter
Go forth and fest!!!
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It's time to wrap up our first Bingo challenge. We'll hold another round later in the year, and if you had any WIPs, you can roll them over to that round if you want to. Thanks to those of you who played, whether you finished an entry or not.

Bingo claims

[personal profile] cupidsbow  managed a line bingo (one completed line on the bingo card).

There were no full-card bingos.

No-one won the prize of five icon slots this time. Hopefully next time!

The entries:

Prompt: Tentacles
Prompt: Crossover
Prompt: Aphrodisiacs (Includes Things Like Sex Pollen)
Prompt: Mirror Mirror: Doppelgangers Clones And Evil Doubles

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Title: So Pretty Eddie (on AO3)
Artist:[personal profile] mific
Summary: Venom discovers Shibari rope bondage, and Eddie finds he doesn't mind at all.
Notes: A first artwork for the bingo challenge - the prompt was "tentacles".

Eddie from back, bound with black tentacles in Shibari spiderweb pattern. He looks happy.

Venom Trek

Feb. 2nd, 2019 06:50 am
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I have a Bingo! Hooray! It's my first ever fannish bingo. I feel accomplished.

My final bingo square was for a Crossover, and I chose Star Trek. I made a set of manips of Eddie and Venom on an away mission with the Enterprise crew. You can find it here:

It's safe for work.
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Hi everyone,

For Valentine's Day this year, I've opened up a Gift Exchange on the AO3, called Venomtime's Day, because that's the kind of pun Venom would make, let's be real.

You can find it here:

When is Venomtime's Day being held?
This event will run for the first time in 2019.
  • Friday 1 February - collection opens for submissions.
  • Wednesday 13 February - submissions are due.
  • Thursday 14 February - works in the collection are revealed.
  • Thursday 28 February - works can be crossposted anywhere else you like.
How do I participate?
Create any type of fan work (meta, fic, vids, art, cosplay, playlist, etc) as long as it focuses on Eddie Brock and/or Venom from the film or comics, and post it to the Venomtime's Day collection on the AO3 by midnight GMT on 13 February. Your post will be hidden until the 14th February and revealed on Valentine's Day.
There are no sign-ups for this collection
Unlike some other exchanges, the fanworks are not done to fill a prompt by someone else. This is a chance to share your work as a gift to the whole Symbrock community. That said, prompts/requests or a Dear Venomtime's Day Letter can be posted to the Symbrock Dreamwidth community during February to help inspire people.

I'll add a Venomtime's Day prompt post once January Bingo is officially done, but you can go ahead and post a wish list any time you like.
When are the gifts revealed?
On 14th February, at around 10am GMT, and announced on the Symbrock Dreamwidth community. Submissions are not anonymous when revealed.

Let's spread some monster loving, people. <3

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If you've been beavering away on your Symbrock Bingo prompts, you have until 3 February to post them, and then I'll be wrapping up the challenge. 

If you don't yet have a Bingo card and want to make three flashworks over the next few days, you can get a card from the instruction post. There is a prize of 5 paid icon slots for a year for the first person getting a bingo by the 3rd February.

You can carry any WIPs over when we next play if you want to -- I'll probably do another bingo round in the second-half of the year. You can also just post them whenever you finish, but obviously you won't win a prize if it's not posted officially as part of one of the challenges. You'll still get the satisfaction of finishing a bingo, though. :)

Happy bingo-ing!

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Hi all,

I've been vidding, and extracted out this fragment of Venom chomping a head. I wanted to get a sense for whether the added blood is too much or not. 

Link is here:
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(An)aphrodisiac (2152 words) by cupidsbow

Fandom: Venom (Movie 2018)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Eddie Brock/Venom Symbiote, Eddie Brock & Venom Symbiote
Characters: Eddie Brock, Venom
Additional Tags: Asexuality, Asexual Relationship, Slice of Life, Character Study, anaphrodisiac

Authors' Note: For my Symbrock community bingo card prompt, "Aphrodisiacs (Includes Things Like Sex Pollen)."


Eddie volunteered to buy the replacement condoms.

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[personal profile] alchemistdoctor posted: Venom Fics

So, thanks to the Fandom Stockings finally being released, I have two new fics over at Ao3.

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Hi all,

I've made some more Venom icons -- some Symbrock comic icons, and some Symbrock movie icons, as well as the women of the Venom movie because they are awesome. :)

Here's a preview...

There's one image of comic-Eddie naked, but it doesn't show anything risque.

Here's the link:


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